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Survey: What do you think? (Montpelier, VT)
by Morgan W. Brown Monday December 16, 2002 at 08:48 AM

Discussion Survey Question Regarding Ending Homelessness * If you decide to participate by providing a public response to the * * below survey question, please go to The Homeless Guy blog to do so * http://thehomelessguy.blogspot.com

Survey Author: Morgan W. Brown

Survey Question:

Once the initial process and effort was seriously started, do you believe that ending homelessness in your local area is a goal that could be reasonably accomplished within a ten year period?

Note: Due to sincere concern regarding the potential for further use of force and coercion, which could bring additional disruption as well as rights violations upon people who live homeless, the above question is asked within the context of ending involuntary homelessness.

Survey Choices:

1. Enough talk already, let's just do it.

2. Definitely possible to accomplish.

3. It may be doable, though difficult to accomplish.

4. Might take a little longer than ten years to accomplish.

5. Extremely difficult to accomplish within any time span.

6. Not at all possible to accomplish.

7. Do not know the answer.

8. Never even thought anything like that was possible.

9. Need more information.

10. How would one go about doing such a thing?

11. Why ask such a question?

12. Why ask me? It is not my problem.

Other: _______________________________________________

Discussion Survey Participation Guidelines:

A. From the below twelve choices, respond by selecting what you believe is the one answer (from 1 thru 12) that best or most closely represents your
opinion. However, an "other" category is provided as well for those requiring it.

B. If you decide to participate by providing sharing your response (for all the world to view), go to The Homeless Guy <http://thehomelessguy.blogspot.com> blog and, reply via the "comment" block pertaining to this particular blog post, by providing the number and text of the choice you selected.

Note: You need not supply an e-mail address or full name when you use the comment feature. Providing a first name only is fine, as is entering no name of course (which will make it an anonymous comment post).

C. Feel free to comment further within your initial response, including providing relevant ideas and information, etc., concerning the choice you selected.

D. If later, you change your thinking and choose to provide a new answer, feel free to do so by following these same steps (A thru E) once again.

E. If later, you still believe the same answer stands, yet want to further expound on your previous choice and comments, if any, feel free to comment on it yet again.

* Please feel free to forward this entire post as is on to others *

Morgan W. Brown http://nht.blogspot.com is a writer and activist living homeless in Montpelier, Vermont, USA. Morgan recently became a contributing writer and blogger on The Homeless Guy blog:

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