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FNB and bad weather (Aurora, IL)
by Aurora FNB Monday December 16, 2002 at 04:46 AM

Aurora FNB finds themselves with their heads in the sand.

Aurora Food Not Bombs, which recently formed 5 months ago, is calling "Game Off" due to the weather. 4 weeks ago turnout started to drop from 25 to 10 then the next week only 3 then the following week nobody showed.... We have found an indoor option, unfortunitly it is with a church that is starting a food pantry. AFNB proposed to them tat we would serve our food sat and sun since they were only serving out of their space on tue and wed. after weeks of petty talk and one verry intense inquisition, they have still not allowed us to help. All we want is a safe warm place to serve food durring these winter months. I know there is still a large homless population in Aurora, only one more shelter is open for winter and many of our friends arnt allowed back there due to drugs, alcohol, and bad attitude. We are left with out many resonable options. Some say that attempting to work with christians is even a worse alternative than not sharing at all. I dont agree, I feel that we should share food, "by any means necessary"! Please send us some advice, encourage ment or just let us know what other cold climate cities have done in the past. I ended up so upset and depressed i decided to Leave town for a good portion of winter for i cannot face knowing the conditions that many are suffering.

Peace, Love and Solidarity,



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hpl fnb
by dave hpl Saturday January 11, 2003 at 01:12 AM

i love you josh. you rock. we had a drop in turnout too in humboldt/logan. but things have been good. last week i was trying to thaw out some blueberries in a pot of potatos and they opened up and we had blueberry flavored mashed potatos. a few weeks ago we sat out there in the cold under the western stop and nobody came to eat. not one. on the way back to the azone we were in fron to m/w liquor store and some people there took all our fruit salad. it was pretty neat. i hope i see you soon when you go back to cali. i leave in 3 days. but like i was saying, your the coolest ever.

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