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N20 FNB action (Praque, Czech Rep.)
by Praha IMC Friday November 29, 2002 at 01:02 PM

FNB protest against NATO

Over 300 people met on Na Prikope street, Prague's main tourist shopping district near the Obecni dum (Civic building) at 5pm tonight. Food Not Bombs gave out food like "Bush Gulash with a Hint of Revolution" to highlight the welcoming banquet for the NATO delegates at the Obecni dum, They said they fed about 300 people in all, serving the food under an Argentinian solidarity banner.
There were barricades in front of the Obecni dum with police behind them to protect the banquet. After dark they were relieved by robocops in Darth Vader costumes. In front of the barricades there were several groups with musical instruments, demonstrators with pots and pans, in an Argentinian style noise protest. One man serenaded the robocops with a trumpet to the flash of newscameras as people shouted and whistled.
A little further, in the direction of Vaclavske namesti, Food not Bombs was giving out food and there was a soundsystem. Several anarchists dragged away two drunk demonstrators from the circle of journalists and cameraman bombarding them with the flash of their cameras.

We haven't heard any arrests or violent actions to report. At one point, there was a brief conflict at the police line as people moved back quickly and the corporate press rushed forward. Almost immediatly people with megaphones calmed the situation with slogans appealing to prevent violence, this is the only single incident we saw, if you can call it an incident. When we were leaving after 7pm it was very cold and the demonstration was nearing an end. Later reports say that most of the remaining demonstrators, about 100, gathered around the soundsystem and danced peacefully:) until the sound system was turned off at around 8pm.

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