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N21: Food Not Bombs action against NATO (Vienna, Austria)
by food not bombs vienna Thursday November 21, 2002 at 07:01 PM

N21: food not bombs against nato - vienna Today, 21 november 2002, there was an solidarity action for the anti-nato protests in prag, it was called no border.noNATiOn!!!, food not bombs served meal and also an anti-miliarist infotable was made at the south-railwaystation in vienna, austria.

Also in vienna, like in other citys wroclav, dresden and linz, there was an borderpoint, where people which were stopped at the border could reach others and get sleepingpleace and support. Reachable is this borderpoint since tuesday on telephonenumber: 0676/4348757.

At the action in front of the southrailwaystation in vienna participated more than 100 people, also many people who passed by checked out something of the delicous meal and stayed a time with us.

The police presence was only in the background, all time observing.

Today the Nato-meeting in prag should also be a topic on the weekly placed thursdaydemo against the government (meetingpoint between 7 to 8 pm at ballhausplatz, where the route will be decided. ). In Prag the exterior minister ferrero-waldner is participating for the austrian government in the „partnership for peace“ (pfp). An other topic in this thursdaydemo will be the elections next weekend.

More protests!!!

There is an international call for action to declear solidarity for people in prag.
Against sending back people at the borders, against the eviction of the convergence center and the massiv policecontrols in the streets of prag you can demonstrate in vienna at the czech embassy:

Embassy of czech republic in vienna:
Penzinger Strasse 11-13, A-1140 Wien
Tel(+43/1)8942126 + 8942125 +8943741
Telefax: (+43/1) 8941200
Opened: mo – fr 8am to 11am

Other czech adress in austria: http://www.bmaa.gv.at/botschaften/mission-info/auslandinoe_start.htm

More infos: http://praha.indymedia.org

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against nato on weekly thursdaydemonstration
by activists from vienna Thursday November 21, 2002 at 07:02 PM

on the weekly thursdaydemonstration against the government in austria, wich takes place in vienna since february 2000, around 150 participated. we went to the headquaters from the conservativ rightextremist peoples party and the neofacist so called freedom party in vienna. the dayly boulevard newspaper wrote, that the demonstration will go to the place where the four heads from the parliament parties in austria where talking live on tv, because on sunday 24. of november 2002 their will be votes in austria, because the coalition between the peoples party and the freedom party crashed after two and half years.

but the demonstration didn't went to the tv-discussion on the austrian state tv, we went to the alternative radiostation radio orange 94 in wien, the local free radio station (http://www.orange.or.at).

austria is not member of the nato, it's part of the so called "partnership for peace". austrian minister of foreign affairs, mrs ferrero-waldner, is official delegation for austria in praha.

on the demonstration, we spread leaflets informing on the antinato-protests in praha and elsewhere and the repressive border situation (see the german text on http://www.no-racism.net/global/newsport/np021120_t00001.htm)

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