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North American Homeless News Network (NAHNN)
by Morgan W. Brown Wednesday November 06, 2002 at 03:53 PM

North American Homeless News Network (NAHNN) back online as a Weblog

Earlier this year the idea for bringing the North American Homeless News Network (NAHNN) back online as a Weblog was explored. Yet it mostly sat on the backburner, slow cooking within my mind until late September (2002).

Up until October 2001, NAHNN was an active Web site which was updated on a weekly basis featuring news stories and guests editorials concerning homelessness in North America.

The NAHNN Web site went dormant on October 2001 and its administration changed hands. NAHNN was taken over by homeless activist Morgan W. Brown of Montpelier Vermont. However the new administrator was not able to reactivate NAHNN until now.

The North American Homeless News Network (NAHNN) is once again back online featuring a completely new format: i.e., as a Weblog available at:

NAHNN is strictly a volunteer and non-profit effort. NAHNN has no paid staff.

In its reborn state, the North American Homeless News Network, NAHNN, is an effort to provide notice of news items, columns and other information available online concerning homelessness and related matters in a central location.

Featured on NAHNN as well will be a selection of original articles, columns, essays and poetry written by people who are homeless or formerly homeless.

Coming across the article "A homeless guy finds a refuge on the Internet" <http://www.usatoday.com/tech/webguide/internetlife/notablesites/2002-10-02-homeless_x.htm>, published in Wednesday's (October 3, 2002) USA Today Newspaper, was what it took to once again inspire to explore the possibility further of bringing NAHNN back online as a blog. For those who have not come across and read it already, the article is a must read!

The article is about Kevin Barbieux who lives homeless in Nashville, Tennessee. In August 2002, Kevin created a blog to share his thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world via the Internet.

I highly recommend that anyone who has not been there before, make sure to give his blog, The Homeless Guy <http://thehomelessguy.blogspot.com>, a good visit.

Another good article about Kevin & his blog, this one featured in Salon, can be found at "The Homeless Blogger" <http://www.salon.com/tech/feature/2002/10/14/homeless/index.html?x>.

For the time being anyway, the new NAHNN is a work in progress and, as such, is still very much under construction. It will take a lot of work and a bit of time to bring it and myself up to speed.

Visit the North American Homeless News Network (NAHNN):

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