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Welcome New EditorApril 4, 2003

Stephanie Joins FNB News Team

Stephanie is going to take care of this feature from now on. She has great experience with writing about food and especially good vegan cheap food. She has been publishing The Cheap Vegan - a monthly newsletter/zine since September 2002. The Cheap Vegan is partially inspired by Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette and also by quirky obsession with cooking, a desire to be as self-sustaining as possible, and a constant tendency to be cheap.

The Cheap Vegan is eight pages, corner-stapled, and costs a measly $1/issue, plus an optional stamp. For further purchasing info, email Stephanie.

Here is a quick summary of each of the issues so far:

#1—Homemade vs store-bought, salvage stores, cookbooks, staples, the wonder of calculators, price notebooks, comparison shopping, what do I eat now?, recipes for veggie burritos and tortillas.

#2—Cheap vegan baking, recycle your food, TVP, homemade vs store-bought again, chili and marshmallow recipes.

#3—More cheap vegan baking, muffins, sweet bread, peanut butter cups, burrito soup, and breakfast bread pudding recipes, recycling your food . . . again, gift ideas.

#4—What to keep in the kitchen, Coupons: Clip ‘em or Can ‘em, Cheap Valentines, review of Budget Living magazine, recipes for: pasta sauce, ketchup, simple potatoes, gravy.

#5—The Big DIY Issue. How to make soymilk, pasta, egg roll wrappers, seitan (and what to do with it), nut butter, sushi, granola, barbecue sauce and veggie broth.

#6—Foraging for food, how to make vegan ice cream, veggie burgers, cheap baking substitutions, stretching your broccoli, eating out cheap.

#7—Making “cheese” with nutritional yeast things to do with okara, bakery thrift stores, soup recipe, making cookies, zucchini milk, cookbook review, soy sausage recipe.

New York, NYAugust 20, 2002

Articles in August Issue of the Indypendent (NYC IMC Newspaper)

In this issue, we report on the dark underbelly of the global food industry . We review the pioneering book, Hope’s Edge , and examine why U.S. food aid often does more to line the pockets of of argo-business than reduce world hunger . We take a look at the rise of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement , hear from an Iowa farmer, and examine the ins and outs of dumpster diving ...

Selected articles:

Small Farmers Uproot Agribiz by A.K. Gupta
Iowa Farmer Plants Seed of Hope After 27 Years by Denise O'Brien
Globalizing the Wild Blueberry by John Tarleton
Food Option: How to Dumpster Dive by Ded Bolt
Food Option: Start Your Own Garden by Cathy Bussewitz and Aresh Javadi
States of Hunger: 13 Million Face Starvation in Southern Africa by Donald Paneth
Aiding Big Biz & Poor by Mark Pickens
Empty Promises by Donald Paneth
Eat, Drink and be Wary: What the FDA Won’t Tell You About Genetically Modified Food by Brian Tokar
Activists & Actors Fight GE Foods by Gabriel Wodhouse
Major Players in Food Industry by Cathy Bussewitz and Mark Pickens
Limited Options Starving Many by Emily Reinhardt
Growing Connections: Community Supported Agriculture Shares the Wealth by Jessica Stein

Download full version of the Indypendent here...

Last updated: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 16:54:05 -0800

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