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FNB NewsJanuary 5, 2002

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Dear reader, please excuse few technical problems we are curently experiencing. etoro stop loss It will be all fixed soon. If you would like to post your event or contact info, please use the newswire as temporary solution or email us for more info... Thank you.

Prague, Czech RepublicNovember 20, 2002

FNB groups protest against NATO Summit in Prague

Over 300 people met on Na Prikope street, Prague's main tourist shopping district near the Obecni dum (Civic building) at 5pm tonight. Food Not Bombs gave out food like "Bush Gulash with a Hint of Revolution" to highlight the welcoming banquet for the NATO delegates at the Obecni dum, They said they fed about 300 people in all, serving the food under an Argentinian solidarity banner.
Report from FNB action in Vienna, Austria...
More info from Prague, Czech Rep....
Anti-NATO dinner protest (IMC Prague)...

Photos 1, Photos 2

Tucson, AZOctober 30, 2002

FNB serves food to hungry while being harrased by police

binomo download Food Not Bombs, is serving up the tastiness for you every Wednesday at the Downtown Tucson Public Library at 4pm. This last picnic event was a great success, that is, until the Purple People showed up and called the Tucson Police Department.
The weekly Food Not Bombs picnic managed to last for a little over an hour, before two uniformed police officers dispersed people, on dubious authority in the matter. We noticed that the Purple People, 5 in all, took quite an interest in the eating habits of people eating on public land. Read more at IMC AZ...
Watch the groundbreaking video!

Prague, Czech RepublicOctober 29, 2002

FNB is preparing for huge cooking at NATO Summit in Prague

Call for all mobile kitchen and FNB collectives around Europe

Anti-NATO platform (antinato.cz, www.csaf.cz) calls all mobile kitchen and FNB collectives to come to Prague to help with anti-NATO street protest.
The action where mobile kitchens are especially needed is the protest at a location where the luxury dinners for delegates of summit is taking place (Obecni dum) on November 20. The idea is to have "Argentina-style" street protest together with Food-not-bombs action - people should bring pots and pons with them for doing noise and also for eating.
More kitchens are needed because Czech FNB groups are not able to fed thousands of protestors expected. If you could come to join the protests, please let us know (e-mail:info@antinato.cz) but without any details concerning when you come and which way! There is a chance you won't be able to cross the border so we don't want to help the police by writing any details! You will receive the telephone number to call when you are actually stopped.

Columbia, SCOctober 27, 2002

Food Not Bombs Supports Protest Against War

On Saturday, South Carolina residents held a small but passionate rally against war on the steps of the state's State House. The rally was organzied by the Carolina Peace Resource center and supported by Carolina Food Not Bombs and the SC Green Party.
The rally was peaceful and calm with little interest by police. Members of Food Not Bombs snuck into a building across from the State House to hold their banner out the window from the fourth floor. login olymp trade

more info from NC IMC...
Food Not Bombs Columbia, SC

Toronto, CanadaOctober 17, 2002

Food not Bombs Launched at Moss Park Armoury

As Homes not Bombs kicked off its fifth month of Tuesday evening 6 pm vigils at the Moss Park Armoury October 1, its new Food not Bombs chapter got off to a great start, with some two dozen people on hand to provide over 60 meals on site and delivering dozens more to folks around the neighbourhood.
Thanks to donations from such great places as Eternal Abundance, Alchemy Bakery, Village Market and Kensington Bakery, a wide variety of breads, sandwiches and delicious cakes were available to accompany a hearty vegetable and pasta soup. Sharing of food creates a special bond in the community, and on October 1, lots of folks stayed around eating, talking, discussing the goals of our campaign.
... the whole story

Richmond, VASeptember 17, 2002

Food Not Bombs Mission to Palestine Thwarted

Three Richmond activists with Food Not Bombs formed a delegation to join International Solidarity Movement with its Freedom Summer campaign to resist the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine. The delegation was committed to taking nonviolent direct action against the inhumane occupation and stand as a grassroots media collective to document and expose human rights abuses by the Israeli military forces as well as represent the common voices of the Palestinian people to the world.
However, after arrival to Tel Aviv airport, all three activists were held in separate cells without reading their rights and no formal appeal was offered as their laws require. At 6 PM that evening the delegates were escorted by armed guards to a police vehicle and driven to the next departing flight from the airport. Passports were retained by the Israeli police and handed over only to the captain of the airline for the entirety of the flight to London.

...please read the story from IMC Richmond

East CoastAugust 27, 2002

FNB Alliance for September 25-29, 2002 World Bank/IMFmeeting in Washington, DC

All active FNB chapters on East Coast will converge in DC for the teach-ins, mobilizations/rallies, convergence centers and all other appropriate functions, to serve free vegetarian food as of supporting our non-violent soldiers of peace. Currently, there are people in DC working on getting us a suitable kitchen, an adequate food supply, shelter and transportation (in and around DC)...

...read more
...get your chapter involved

New York, NYAugust 20, 2002

Articles in August Issue of the Indypendent (NYC IMC Newspaper)

In this issue, we report on the dark underbelly of the global food industry . We review the pioneering book, Hope�s Edge , and examine why U.S. food aid often does more to line the pockets of of argo-business than reduce world hunger . We take a look at the rise of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement , hear from an Iowa farmer, and examine the ins and outs of dumpster diving ...

Selected articles:

Small Farmers Uproot Agribiz by A.K. Gupta
Iowa Farmer Plants Seed of Hope After 27 Years by Denise O'Brien
Globalizing the Wild Blueberry by John Tarleton
Food Option: How to Dumpster Dive by Ded Bolt
Food Option: Start Your Own Garden by Cathy Bussewitz and Aresh Javadi
States of Hunger: 13 Million Face Starvation in Southern Africa by Donald Paneth
Aiding Big Biz & Poor by Mark Pickens
Empty Promises by Donald Paneth
Eat, Drink and be Wary: What the FDA Won�t Tell You About Genetically Modified Food by Brian Tokar
Activists & Actors Fight GE Foods by Gabriel Wodhouse
Major Players in Food Industry by Cathy Bussewitz and Mark Pickens
Limited Options Starving Many by Emily Reinhardt
Growing Connections: Community Supported Agriculture Shares the Wealth by Jessica Stein

Download full version of the Indypendent here...

Philadelphia, PAAugust 16, 2002

FNB South Philadelphia serves food at MOVE 9 protest

Food Not Bombs South Philadelphia served food at the protest on the corner of Broad and Walnut in Center City in Philadelphia on August 10, 2002. More than 25 MOVE members and supporters (including several visiting from Spain) gathered for a demonstration to commemorate August 8, 1978. On this day, 24 years ago, more than 500 heavily armed police officers attacked MOVE headquarters in the Powelton Village neighborhood of West Philadelphia. When the MOVE family fled into the basement to avoid the attack, police countered by flooding them out ...

... more info and images from DC Indymedia

Morristown, NJJuly 26, 2002

Coalition of three FNB groups served food at anti-racist rally

For past two years racist Richard Barrett chose Morristown for his racist rallies. This was first year he had not shown up to the central New Jersey city. Allowing the New Jersey Independents to claim the court house steps in celebration against fascism. A group of human rigths activists gathered peacefully to discuss their success, and future battles against racism in the area.
Coalition of three Food Not Bombs chapters from New York City, Hoboken and New Brunswick supplied a vast amount of free delicious food. FNB has always been part of these anti-racist rallies. First year, when people were pepper-sprayed by police, FNB groups from Hoboken and New Brunswick were the only source of clean water and clean paper towels.

... please visit NJ IMC for more details

San FranciscoMarch 10, 2002

Over 700 People Attend Homeless Summit and rally in San Francisco

The first-ever city sponsored homeless summit, a free, all-day event, designed to bring together homeless people, service providers, advocates, commercial interests, city department heads, elected officials, and concerned neighborhood groups, took place at SF Herbst Theater on Thursday March 7. Over 700 people attended a rally held on Sunday which has become an all-night vigil outside City Hall.

As hard as organizers of San Francisco's summit on homelessness tried to keep the discourse civil, a passionate crowd of advocates for homeless people booed and hissed speakers who called for bans on public urination and changes in welfare checks. ...full article

As usual, Mayor Willie Brown was noticeably absent from the long-awaited 2002 Homeless Summit on Thursday organized by Supervisor Chris Daly. ...full article 1 and ...full article 2

FNB NewsMarch 3, 2002

Recycle Your T-Shirt! Fundraising

Food Not Bombs News is starting this new project in order to raise funds for itself and also various Food Not Bombs Chapters. All profit made by selling recycled T-Shirts will be used for operating and maintaining this Community Activism News Service.
T-Shirts will be collected by donations from local chapters and a T-Shirt Drive. Any local chapters willing raise funds for themselves can send us their T-Shirts and for small donation we will print the FNB News graphics on.

For more information, click here...

UTAHFebruary 8, 2002

Olympic Protests - End to Poverty in USA

Click here for Photos of Various Events

2/8/02 - Approximately 400 people rallied in Salt Lake City on February 8th, the opening day of the Winter Games, for the "March for Our Lives," led by organizations from the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. Despite the continuing attempts of the Utah Legislature to cast peaceful protest as terrorism, the March's message of ending poverty in America and prioritizing the general welfare of its citizens (including health care) was not silenced. Police stopped the march as it moved towards the Olympic Stadium, arresting 5 march leaders (see photos here) including Cheri Honkala, Director of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union and Bonni Macri, Utah Director of JEDI for Women.

Other civic groups made more direct connections between the Olympic Games and environmental and social justice causes. The Citizen Activist Network staged a "Mock Torch Run" designed to bring attention to the backgrounds of the corporate sponsors of the Games. And as the real torch run arrived for the Games Opening Ceremony, labor/human rights groups were criticizing the use of torchbearer uniforms that were manufactured in Burma, even though it is well known that the purchase of such products provides support to one of the world's most brutal military regimes and entails questionable labor standards.

The Chinese spiritual sect known as Falun Dafa also brought hundreds of its adherents to Salt Lake City to protest the repression it faces within China,

2/10/02 - More than 200 Tibetans and supporters from various countries demonstrated in Salt Lake City, calling on the International Olympic Committee to refrain from holding 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing until the situation in Tibet and China shows signs of fundamental improvement.

2/12/02 - In response to a national call to action against state repression several activists marched through downtown Salt Lake City to draw attention to the unprecedented level of surveillance and security spending during the Games and the harassment of dissenters under the guise of anti-terrorism measures.

2/14/02 - As the US announced plans to conduct an underground subcritical nuclear weapons test in the Nevada desert at noon on Valentines Day, the Shundahai Network quickly organized a protest in front of the Nevada Tourism Office in downtown Salt Lake City.

NEW YORKFebruary 4, 2002

Thousands Gather in NYC, Brasil for Global Summits and in Munich to Challenge NATO

While New York City hosts the World Economic Forum, the second annual Fórum Social Mundial will take place in Porto Alegre, Brasil. In Munich, Germany, thousands of protestors challenge the NATO security meeting happening at the same time, Around the world, cacerolazas and other demonstrations spring up in solidarity with Argentina and the WEF/WSF/NATO events, including San Francisco, Lausanne, Zurich and Bern, Switzerland, London, UK, Amsterdam, Livorno, Italy, Monaco, and in Greece on Monday. Friday, an online netstrike crashed the WEF website around 10 a.m.

Catch Indymedia audio coverage at http://radio.indymedia.org.

Cobertura en espa�ol:

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